October 2018

Pan Seared Steak with Roasted Vegetables

Roasted veggies
Wash and peel 1 large sweet potato, and or small butternut squash and 2-4 beets. Peel and slice red or yellow onion, slice green and red bell pepper. Cut into even bite size pieces place into large bowl with a sprinkle of olive oil , salt and pepper.

Prepare the beets separate from all the other veggies as they tend to bleed color onto the other veggies. Roasting them altogether work just fine. Place on parchment paper.
Roast at 425 degree oven for 30 min.

Room temperature steaks rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little garlic powder. Let stand for 30 minutes to 1 hour before cooking. When your veggies are nearly done roasting it will be time to sear your steak.

Heat cast iron skillet (or heavy bottomed skillet) to med high heat. Place steak into skillet and pan fry for approximately 4 min, it will be ready to turn when it doesn’t stick to the pan. Sear other side for 3-4 minutes or so. Remove from pan and let rest for 5 min. Cover with foil to retain heat.

You can make a quick tasty sauce by adding a couple tablespoons of mayonnaise to the skillet, (after the steaks are removed) , with a little water then drizzle over the sliced steak after plated. 

Michelle AhlersComment