+ How long do your tastings noramlly last?

Our tastins typically last around 2 hours.

+ Are tastings inside or outside?

All tastings are held inside our Tasting Rooms.

+ Can we bring children with us to the winery?

Children are welcome, we ask that they are supervised becasue we are a working farm.

+ Can a group larger than 6 people come for a tasting?

Yes, email us directly at tastings@greatfroms.com and we will set it up for you!

+ DO you have food for purchase?

Small snacks come with the tasting, but you are welcome to bring your own snacks as well.

+ Dog friendly?

Yes, your dog is welcome!

+ Can we come have a glass of wine or do we have to schedule a tasting?

Our tables are reservved for tasting reservations. Any open tables are first come first serve. We do have our Friday Night Warm Up where you are welcome to come purchase by the glass or bottle!

+ Where can I find information abouta private rental?

Email us directly at tastings@greatfrogs.com for more information about our rentals.

+ Can we come take pictures at your winery?

We ask that if you want to take pictures here that you come during our open tasting hours. We are a working farm and are not always able to have guests during the week.