Terroir - the characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced 

Harness Creek Vineyards

Planted in 1999 with French Bordeaux varietals in Annapolis' naturally sandy loam soil. The Chesapeake breezes protect our vines from the frost and humidity dealt with inland. We take pride in our lush foliage, organic vineyard floor, and meticulously tended vines.  Our hands on approach in the vineyard enables us to grow exceptional grapes, which in turn become beautiful wines.


Choptank River Vineyards

Situated on the shores of the Choptank River just outside of Easton, the vineyards were first planted in 2011, and then doubled the spring of 2017.  Its young, vigorous, and full of adventure.  It takes us down new paths, and makes us push our boundaries in our quest for the truth found in wine.